Anaplan helps Burns & McDonnell Simplify a Complex Financial Matrix

San Francisco, CA, July 21, 2021 — What do you do when your 100% employee-owned construction and engineering company is facing challenges maintaining a complex financial matrix of disparate spreadsheets, which forces them to spend a significant time aggregating data, updating formulas, and correcting errors? Well, if you are the Financial Reporting Controller at Burns & McDonnell, you select Anaplan as your Financial Planning & Analysis solution.

Stacey Lee was among the decision makers at Burns & McDonnell who chose Anaplan over other cloud-based platforms. “For our project-based forecasting model, we needed a tool to not only handle corporate level reporting but also one that could facilitate project-level granularity across financial, people planning, and group-specific needs,” Lee said.

Additionally, Burns & McDonnell needed a platform that could drive user adoption and be easily maintained by a small team. Anaplan demonstrated a type of flexibility and configurability that met Burn & McDonnell’s business processing needs. Anaplan’s agile product implementation and short timeline to return on investment was also a major differentiator, according to Lee.

Account executives at Anaplan credit their complete understanding of Burns & McDonnell’s current and future state with landing their business. As for Stacey Lee, of Burns & McDonnell, she loves the level of customer support that comes with being an Anaplan client. “I feel that the sales team really listened to what we needed as a customer and worked to ensure I had comfort with them and the end product.”

Burns & McDonnell is a family of companies with an unmatched team of almost 8,000 engineers, construction professionals, architects, and consultants with offices across the U.S. and throughout the world.

SOURCE: Anaplan